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Welcome to Music & Lyrics Library - global lyrics library for music fans, karaoke lovers, students, aspiring and established artists,

music librarians, historians and everyone else who loves music, singing or humming your favorite tune.

Who could find this Music & Lyrics Library interesting:

  • Karaoke lovers are welcome to share your favorites with others and find new songs to sing along.
  • Music students and young poets, song writers and artists are welcome to post their debut creations, create your own portfolio.
  • Fans are welcome to add sheet-music, "behind-the-scenes history" and whatever else that makes a particular song your favorite.
  • Music teachers, instructors and tutors - you are welcome to compose homework, assignments from existing materials and digitize, publish your existing lessons.
  • Music librarians, historians, linguists - you are welcome to add your professional interpretations to songs and lyrics you are researching about or working with. You could use this wiki as both: source and platform to deliver your findings to larger audience of musicians and melomanes.
  • Aspiring singers and recognized stars alike are welcome to publish their favorite and upcoming lyrics (or early, less glamorous works), alongside with their music videos, provide sheet-music for the score, record history of making of the musical piece and provide personal interpretation of its meaning. Use this as ready-made platform for introducing new songs, albums and bands, reaching out to core of your fan movement.

Music & Lyrics Library uses special notation to create images of sheet music from your notes, and even play the tune!

For example, here is the simple sheet music for a tune written in "lilypond" notation:

\relative c'' { \time 4/4 \key c \major 
c4 g8 g a4 g r b^> c^> r \bar "|." } 
\addlyrics { Shave and a hair -- cut: two bits. }

<score>\relative c'' { \time 4/4 \key c \major 
c4 g8 g a4 g r b^> c^> r \bar "|." } 
\addlyrics { Shave and a hair -- cut: two bits. }</score>

Sound recreations could be produced in two formats, Vorbis and MIDI:


\relative c'' { \time 4/4 \key c \major 
c4 g8 g a4 g r b^> c^> r \bar "|." } 
\addlyrics { Shave and a hair -- cut: two bits. }

MIDI: \relative c'' { \time 4/4 \key c \major 
c4 g8 g a4 g r b^> c^> r \bar "|." } 
\addlyrics { Shave and a hair -- cut: two bits. }

Music and Lyrics Library operates by honor code of conduct, empowering users to contribute, edit and proof the lyrics on their own.

Take pride in your work and your affinity for music.